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Convergia SD-WAN offers a new connectivity approach reducing operational costs, improving communication in an intelligent, simple and secure way.

Solution Features

Hybrid WAN

Ability to use multiple kinds of links, i.e.MPLS, Internet, LTE, Layer 2, Satellite.

Dynamic Path selection

Ability to automatically and constantly define the best route to reach any network destination.

Simple Centralized Management

Zero-touch deployment, automatic reports and statistics.

Strong Security

VPN support, strong encryption,automatic setup.

Add-on support

Firewall, IDS/IPS, Web Filtering.


Easier Business Growth

Know your Network

Protect Critical Business Data

Need to add new branches or opening new markets? No matter where they are located, Convergia SD-WAN will allow a full deployment in just weeks, not months.

See your network performance like never before. Convergia SD-WAN will automatically give you rich, in-depth information so that you can know the real status of your network

Even if you already have a Business Continuity or a Disaster Recovery Plan, Convergia SD-WAN will take your ability to preserve your business to the next level

Produce Results Fast

In a rush to expand or modify your network? Convergia SD-WAN will get the job done in a fraction of the time of other legacy solutions.

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