CxC Teams: The most secure communications tool for your business

Using secure communications tool every company can better prepare themselves to face one of the biggest issues which is cyber security. Regardless of your business safety is a priority, therefore in this article we will be talking about CxC Teams and how it can be used as the most secure way to communicate. 

The importance of Encryption in secure communications:

It has become quite common to hear the word encryption being tossed around when thinking about security. This is because encryption plays an essential role in keeping your data secure and private. Thus, for your business to have a secure communications method, it is vital to use a tool that is capable of encryption. 

CxC Teams uses Encryption is in various ways to ensure that your data is safe both when being sent and stored. These means that anything regarding, chat messages, media messages, calls/meeting recordings, file sharing and more, will be encrypted.  

Threats to avoid with secure communications

There are several types of threats that exist which can be avoided with a secure communication tool. Here are some common threats, what they do and how Convergia’s CxC teams’ solution can be used as the most secure communication method mitigating any negative outcome: 


  • Eavesdropping  

Eavesdropping is when a malicious third party can monitor and read traffic of a network. CxC Teams can mitigate the chances of this threat occurring through using a secure server for communication, thus making it nearly impossible for this situation to occur. 


  • Identity Spoofing 

Also known as IP spoofing, is when an attacker masks their IP address as one associated with your own networks thus allowing to gain access to information, they would be unable to otherwise. Through CxC Team’s authentication system we can stop these types of attacks. 


  • Man-in-the-middle attacks 

This type of threat refers to a malicious third party rerouting the communication between two or more users without their knowledge. Thus, when the users send any messages or files these are intercepted/received by the attacker. Using encryption CxC teams can ensure that you are safe from this type of attack.  

What type of Business can benefit from secure communications?

The use of a secure communications tools is universal and essential for any business nowadays however, there are some businesses that benefit more from prioritizing security when compared to others. For example, insurance companies, banking, government, retail, healthcare and many more. Here are some ways in which these industries can implement CxC Teams as a secure communications tool. 


  • Banking: 

Using CxC teams your staff members can communicate and can conduct daily tasks such as transactions, sharing private customer data with one another, backing up data and much more.  


  • Insurance companies: 

Using CxC Teams, your staff can sign up new customers, handle claims and store customer information.  This allows to continue operations whilst maintaining reputation which is essential to stand out from the competition. 


  • Government: 

Use CxC Teams when conducting any types of communication, this can be used for a wide range of activities such as processing documents for citizens, handling tax information, sharing sensitive files and more. 

The added value of convergia

Ensure that your business can operate at its best with Convergia’s secure communications tool CxC Teams 


Our voice solution comes with all the traditional benefits of a PBX phone system combined with a team collaboration solution plus several unique benefits which include centralized administrationreliability24/7/365 support (in language of your choice) and many more.


Contact us today to learn more about our secure communications tool! 

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