Direct routing: combine your phone service with CxC Teams

These days we use our computer/tablets more than evertherefore we can see several benefits from using direct routing to expand our device’s capabilities. Most businesses already have a telephone service provider with a phone plan as well as a Microsoft 365/office 365 license, through Convergia’s CxC Teams with Direct routing you can now combine both into one. In this article we will be discussing what is our solution and the benefits of implementing this service.

What is Direct Routing?

Is simply explained as adding a PTSN connection your existing service of Microsoft Teams solution, thus allowing for additional features such as making/receiving phone callsConvergia’s’ CxC Teams with Direct Routing makes this possible via an IP connection and is delivered as an end-to-end service.  

What are the benefits of CxC Teams Direct Routing?

One of the greatest benefits from this type of service is the ability to replace your current PBX system, granting you increased mobility, lowered costs, and simplifying workspace. Additionally, this service has the unique benefit of your business keep your current telephone service plan and provider, so you can maintain all pre-existing benefits. 


By implementing Convergia’s CxC Teams with direct routing you can gain access to several additional benefits such as: 

  • Improved productivity 
  • Number porting 
  • Increased availability 
  • Access to advanced call statistics 
  • Access to a trusted provider 
  • A cloud-based solution with no CAPEX 

The benefits of the Convergia’s solution

Convergia uses a highly reliable and resilient architecture that has enhanced call control features and carrier grade infrastructure at a competitive price and as a complete cloud solution. With our 24/7/365 support in the language of your choice we will ensure that your business is supported in migrating to a cloud-based service which grants you greater flexibility, value, and functionality. Sign up with Convergia for direct routing and you will gain access to all these benefits and more! 

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