CxC 3CX: A cloud-based phone system to enjoy a mobile office

Lately we have seen a focus on several new tools such as the cloud-based phone system, to limit our physical presence in an office. This has brought to attention the potential benefits of having a mobile office space and how it may become essential in the future. However, to transition your current workspace, you require the correct tool. 


Convergia is currently offering CxC 3CX, a powerful Cloud-Based Phone System that has several benefits, one of which is simplifying the transition process of your current office into a mobile office.


In this article, we will explore CxC 3CX, how it can prepare your business for the future and uses cases in which it can be implemented

CxC 3CX: The Cloud phone system of the future

First, it is important to notice the trend we are seeing in technology, using cloud-based technology we have seen businesses favouring mobility as can be seen with remote work and work-from-home scenarios. This trend will continue, and the rise of the mobile office is inevitable, our workspace will continue to evolve throughout the years as new technology is introduced.  


Through Convergia’s CxC 3CX solution you can prepare yourself for any future obstacles; through the application, you can have unparalleled mobility whilst having access to all your critical operation tools.  This Cloud-Based Phone System is a powerful application that consolidates all your current office tools into one simple interface, it allows for mobility without sacrificing quality or productivity 

Several benefits come with CxC 3CX. For example, as a Cloud-Based Phone System, it was designed to replace the office phone and thus it has several features made to improve communication.   

Additionally, CxC 3CX has features that were created to enhance collaboration, content creation, security and more. 

Uses cases of a cloud phone for a mobile office:

  • Avoid unexpected downtime 

There are several types of incidents that can affect a business, these can include internet outages, hardware issues, cyber-attacks, natural disasters, and many more. CxC 3CX has all your files and tools stored in the cloud and therefore your mobile office is always available. In case of an unforeseen circumstance, you can move to a temporary location and work uninterrupted. 


  • Reduce physical space 

One advantage of a mobile office is the ability to downsize your current physical presence. Through CxC 3CX your entire staff has access to the same tools regardless of location, allowing for unique strategies such as reducing location size and alternating staff between working remotely and on-premise.  


  • Hire staff without being limited by location 

Through your mobile office, you can be more flexible with your hiring process. You can hire your staff regardless of location and provide them with virtual access to your office through the Cloud-Based Phone System: CxC 3CX.  

With this platform, you have the tools to train your staff remotely with HD Video/Voice, chat system, file sharing and more 


  • Future Proof your business 

Currently, the trend we are seeing is the rise of cloud software, virtual reality, mobile offices, and other technological advancements. Convergia’s CxC 3CX is quick to implement allowing you to catch up with the trend and lay the groundwork to build upon as technology continues to advance.  


  • Returning to business trips 

Through a mobile office you can ensure that your staff are able to conduct business in any part of the world, whilst maintaining an office presence. CxC 3CX application can be accessed from any internet-capable device and Convergia ensures that your data remains secure 

The added value of convergia's phone system

Mobile offices will play a large role in the future of business and CxC 3CX will aid you in this endeavour. Not only can this solution offer you unparalleled mobility, but it is a communication/collaborative tool that can boost productivity whilst being secure and costefficient. Convergia is currently offering this cloud-based phone system in the Pan-American region, with 365/24/7 support in the language of your choice, contact us today to find out more! 

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