Cloud-based application for simplify work, boost productivity, and cut costs

In the last year, we saw the rise of the cloud-based applicationthis enabled businesses to improve their organization, mobility, securityand communication


Did you know that by using a CxC Broadcloud, your company can improve in these areas and enjoy additional benefits? 

Convergia’s Cloud based application

Convergia’s Cloud-based application known as CxCBroadcloud, allows your business to consolidate all its workplace tools into this one simple product.


This will not only help your productivity today, but it will ensure you are ready for any future hardship, whilst being costefficient  

Benefits of using cloud-based programs

1. Unified communication: 


With CxC Broadcloud, your staff members can greatly improve their communication.


Also this application offers the highest quality HD voice and video, and the ability to create/schedule meetings with your colleagues and guests.


Additionally, this application has a chat system that can be used to exchange messages, and it keeps a history so you will never lose any important information.


All these features combined make communication a simple streamlined process. 


2. Enhance Collaboration:


It can be difficult to ensure collaboration throughout the entire office especially when staff members are not in the same location, this can be solved using a Cloud-based application.


CxC Broadcloud introduces two features that can help with this specific issue: 


  • Content sharing allows your staff members to share files with all their colleagues, through this feature you can allow instant access to emails, files, calendar events and more.  


  • Screen sharing can be used to boost collaboration as it allows for a real-time demonstration, you may even adjust the settings with a zoom in/out and full-screen option.


3. Prioritize safety:


Safety has always been a concern for any business, especially nowadays in which cybercrime has become rampant, Cloud-based Applications can ensure your work stays private.  


CxC Broadcloud has a Geographically redundant real-time fraud detection system, which allows you to maintain a secure and private network. 


 Whether you are on the move or in the office, you can ensure your files are safe. 


4. Prioritize safety:


Mobility is becoming a more important factor as time goes on and businesses continue to grow. 


 It is important for your staff to continue working whether its from home, on a business trip, etc.  


Using a Cloud-based app, you do not have to worry if you do not have access to your PC or laptop, through CxC Broadcloud you can use all the previously mentioned tools from any mobile device that uses iOS or Android. 

Why use Convergia’s cloud-based application?

With CxC Broadcloud you will have fewer devices/applications, allowing your business to boost productivity.


We will make sure everything is running smoothly and our 24/7 support staff is ready to help you with any issues that you may encounter.


We have seen companies that deploy this service have experienced a 72% increase in business performance, additionally, 91% of IT executives have seen improved collaboration after its implementation. 


CxC Broadcloud is one of the best cost-effective options on the market currently, we offer the same quality as other providers at a fraction of the price! 


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Cloud-based application for simplify work, boost productivity, and cut costs

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