CxC Flex: The benefits of having a private network to your cloud provider

Nowadays many businesses rely on services from large cloud providers such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, SAP, and Oracle. These companies provide cloud services that are essential for critical operations and it is often overlooked these services can be improved by using a private network.


In this article we will talk about what Convergia CxC Flex, the benefits that come from deploying our private connection solution and some of its use cases.

How does CxC Flex work?

CxC Flex is a private network that allows your business to have a flexible, fast, and secure connection between your infrastructure and the leading cloud providers. There are two different ways in which we can ensure your connection is private, known as Flex Direct and Flex Dynamic

Flex Direct is a private network to all your cloud services without using public internet. This product ensures your customer data is secure, as there is no routing through an unknown server, and it connects directly to your on-premises networks. Thus, with this service we offer bandwidth up to 10gpbs, lower latency, reliability, and lower data cost. 


Flex Dynamic on the other hand uses a public internet connection with Convergia services to create a private connection. This option has a fast deployment whilst being secure and cost effective. Through the uses of Convergia VPN IPSec tunnels which are dynamically connected to Convergia POPs, we can maintain data safe. Additionally, due to the use of a public connection we can keep the cost low. 

Industry Applications:

1. Financial Industries
This type of industry transfers large amounts of data between cloud application and on-premises data repositories. This is sensitive data that is data is vulnerable and if it obtained by a malicious third party it can have detrimental repercussions. By implementing CxC Flex, you can ensure you have a private network, and your data is secure. Additionally, our services can transfer data faster, thus improving productivity.

2. Agricultural Industry
Nowadays the agricultural industry uses business intelligence solutions to optimize their harvest, these types of solution need to move a lot of data quickly. Through using Convergia’s private connection, you can increase the speed of this data transfer.

3. Health Sector
The health sector deals with intense computing processes that consume a lot of data. These processes tend to create large images, videos, and other important files that must be uploaded constantly. Additionally, this type of business suffers from large operational cost. With Convergia’s private connection solution CxC Flex, you can reduce the upload time and cut cost as we offer no charges data uploading.

4. Insurance companies
This industry manages a huge amount of classified information daily, this type of data is highly valuable thus it is essential to keep it private. Using our private connection solution CxC Flex, you can ensure your customers information is always safe.

5. Manufacturing industries
These types of industries use large amounts of data in the manufacturing process, therefore their ability to produce is capped by the speed in which they can process this data. For example, you may have an application with video recognition to detect defective parts or a delay, if you can speed up the application then you increase production.

Using CxC Flex as your private network solution you can boost the speed of data transfer. Additionally, you will also receive a highly reliable method of storage with a large capacity for your large Data needs.

Several of the biggest industries today rely on large cloud providers for various essential tasks. Thus, Convergia has created a solution that can boost these services with little effort on your business. CxC Flex ensures that your connection is more flexible, quicker, and secure than ever before.

Convergia has a strong Pan American presence, and we are happy to be able to offer this service to our customers, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you. Additionally, we have a diverse support team that is available 24/7/365 and we offer our services in the language of your choice.

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