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SD-WAN maximizes and increases network flexibility, allowing bandwidth efficiency

Convergia, the Pan American Distributor of Value Added for Connectivity Solutions, which offers a high-speed bespoke backbone network across Canada, the United States, Mexico, Peru and LATAM, presented its SD-WAN solution that will help companies maximize and increase network flexibility with great bandwidth efficiency.



SD-WAN has become the new focus for all players in the world of telecommunications, as happened five years ago with Cloud Solution. SD-WAN networks offer a new intelligent, simple and secure connectivity approach by reducing operational costs, and improving the use of communication resources between headquarters. This model arose as a result of companies’ need to extend the coverage of their services in different areas. To effectively achieve this, they will need an agile network with the ability to support more people connected.You may also be interested in:


What is SD-WAN and how it can benefit your Company?

Benefits of SD-WAN to your company

There are numerous benefits that companies can enjoy with SD-WAN solutions:


– Facilitates Processes: With SD-WAN, it is easier to reach different devices, whether they are close, in person, or connected to the cloud. The IT team can be solely responsible for automating and deploying the network globally, which will greatly increase management efficiency.

– Improves User Experience: This solution can provide better bandwidth performance in a simple way. This improves the performance of cloud applications and makes it easier for operators to use.

– Easy Office Installation: Installation of office equipment on SD-WAN networks can be done automatically or through preconfigured devices that do not require the services of field engineers. This system removes the traditional installation mechanism.

– Protects Important Data: Having a Disaster Recovery plan as part of Convergia’s SD-WAN solution will ensure security in the preservation of your company’s data.

world connected by sdwan

A few years ago, a vibrant new era of technology was ushered in. This new era brought to us data compression, strong encryption, protocol acceleration, caching, load balancing, automatic switching of traffic from one failed link to another (failover), and virtual private networks (VPN), to name just a few.


However, all this technology can be integrated into a single solution that is easily deployable and manageable. This, therefore, provides us with the ability to add dynamic routing that always selects the best possible route between two points on a network, automatic configuration that reduces human intervention, and, most importantly, central intelligence, otherwise called ‘The Orchestrator’ in SD-WAN jargon.


With this, we have a new way to connect geographically dispersed locations safely, quickly, flexibly and efficiently, at a fraction of the cost. That’s what SD-WAN is all about, says Dante Passalacqua, Chief Technology Officer of Convergia USA.


As an additional point, we should consider comments from the most critical analysts in the market, such as Gartner, IDC and many others, who predict that by 2020, companies will spend more than $6 billion on SD-WAN technology worldwide. Furthermore, Carlos Mendoza, CEO of Convergia Peru, mentions: “having an SD-WAN solution in place allows you to optimize your connectivity costs up to 70%”.


If your organization needs to start optimizing its bandwidth and be more resource-efficient, connect with Convergia today at

world connected by sdwan technology

About Convergia

Convergia is a Telecommunications and Value-Added Services company for Connectivity Solutions. We offer a high-speed, customized backbone network across Canada, the United States, Mexico and LATAM, with wireless cellular and fibre optic connectivity as well as a growing list of products such as voice, data and IoT connectivity.


Convergia is part of a global multi-billion-dollar group with a strong Pan-American presence and experience in the IT market for more than 15 years. We are proud of our strong strategic partnerships with many leading communications hardware manufacturers around the world and an exemplary list of customers who currently benefit from Convergia’s solutions 24/7 throughout the year, without interruption.

Carlos Mendoza, CEO of Convergia Peru.

Carlos Mendoza, CEO of Convergia Peru.

Industrial Engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications, technology and corporate communication industry. It has two MBAs, one studied at the San Ignacio de Loyola University (Peru) and the other at Manchester Business School (England). He is an expert in corporate restructuring of telecommunications and technology companies, especially in emerging markets; He is also an active consultant on issues of digital transformation and strategic planning

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