CxC SIM: how a SIM Card can ensure that your business is ready for change

For over a year now the global pandemic has greatly diminished the amount of travel worldwide, and thus business has shifted to focus on remote work instead of the ability to be mobile and this is where a SIM Card will allow us to adapt to this shift.

Businesses will have to deal with various changes such as sending their staff around the world, returning to the office, increase workload and more. This presents a great opportunity to open a new business, or for existing business to prepare for a world after the pandemic. Whether you are travelling yourself, moving your business, opening a new business, or staying put the SIM Card will aid you.

In this article we will look at different ways to use the CxC SIM Card to tackle different scenarios offering mobility and ensuring connectivity.

How a SIM card can improve your business:

1. Business connectivity anytime, anywhere
Nowadays every business needs a consistent connection to the internet, whether you are in the middle of the city or in a remote rural area. Most business will choose to opt for the conventional fiber optic internet connection, but this option can have a long wait for set up, high installation costs and may be unavailable due to your location.

A more convenient option is to instead use Convergia CxC SIM wireless broadband solution, all you require is the Convergia CxC SIM card and a router. Through this solution can simplify the setup process whilst being ready to be used immediately regardless of your location. This is a cost-efficient alternative to fiber that has the quality, speed, and security your business needs.

Additionally, if you do not yet have a router, we can provide you with the Convergia CxC Digi Router Solution, click here to find out more about how our router can help you.


2. A failsafe to ensure that you are always connected and ready
Nowadays it is vital for a business to have a back up internet connection as it can be detrimental to your work if your primary connection goes down. Additionally, some businesses have essential devices such as a Point-of-Sale device (POS) which require an internet connection to operate, otherwise you will be unable to make any sales.

Disruptions in service can cause a huge loss for your business and it may be completely out of your control. One way to mitigate this potential issue is by equipping your device such as a router or POS with Convergia’s CxC SIM card solution. This card can act as your secondary connection ensuring you are always able to operate.

3. Ensure your staff is always connected globally
With the return to travel we are likely to see the return of business trips, with meetings all around the world. Using a SIM card with a global connection, you can ensure that all your staff members are covered throughout their trips.

Convergia’s CxC SIM card is partnered with 700 global carriers to make sure your staff is connected regardless of where they are. Additionally, to ensure your business is always in control we have simplified device management through our SIM management portal. Through our portal you can control all your devices with the ability to lock, suspend, terminate, track location and more.


Convergia’s CxC SIM card can be used to power your business no matter where it is, and keep your staff connected no matter where they go. Currently there are two different SIM cards available, the CxC BWB (business wireless broadband) and the SIM IoT (internet of things). Depending on your needs you may opt for either one, the SIM IoT provides ideal plans for connected products, whilst SIM BWB provides cellular data for your business-critical network requirements.

These SIM cards provide you with a secure connection capable of connecting your device to any 2G,3G, 4g LTE CAT-m and NB-IoT networks. No matter the size of your business, we have you covered with unlimited data, and no charges for global roaming. Get in contact now to learn more about our CxC SIM card solution, with our Pan American team we provide dedicated support in your language 24/7

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