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Biomedical company with unique security requirements


A biomedical company in the USA needed increased resources because of the nature of security in the client’s environment, which was needed to protect high value data and research. They needed to stay ahead of evolving sophisticated cyber threats that targeted proprietary data and intellectual property. This client had unique security requirements, which demanded tailored solutions.

Our approach to this client included using SIEM Log Management to collect, correlate, and analyze security event data to help detect threats. We also applied Email Management to control and monitor cloud and VPN services for data security and compliance purposes. We carried out pentesting, conducting simulated cyberattacks to assess vulnerabilities and improve security defenses.

As a result, the company ensured that it was compliant with industry-specific regulations and ISO 27001 requirements. They were also able to proactively detect threats, identifying and mitigating threats before the impact patient data or research.

The client ensured that their critical research data and systems were available without interruptions. They were also able to improve their incident response readiness, improving their capability to respond swiftly to data breaches and cybersecurity incidents.

Finally, the client could promote growth and innovation by providing robust cybersecurity protection.