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Combating the Covid-19 with IoT Motion Sensors: Meshlium Scanner


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As we know, a new pandemic has been spreading rapidly worldwide since December 2019. Currently, there are more than five million people infected with Covid-19 worldwide, according to official data. It is known that countries like China and South Korea made intensive use of different technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, drones, IoT sensors, etc. – to tackle and face the problem. As a result, other countries are also using IoT technology to minimize the impact of the health crisis and to ensure compliance with preventive measures against the pandemic. A perfect example of this is the IoT Meshlium Scanner sensor that, thanks to its movement sensors, transforms the way to control the movement of people and vehicles in cities during the state of emergency.

What is Meshlium Scanner?

Meshlium Scanner is an IoT sensor that allows you to monitor the movements and behavior of people within a specific area. The sensor can detect any device that works with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth interfaces, allowing it to work correctly with cell phones, smartphones, laptops, etc.

How could Meshlium Scanner help curb the expansion of COVID-19?

  1. Detects and warns the movements of people and vehicles in specific areas.
  2. The sensor is active 24 hours in real time, avoiding irresponsible practices during the state of emergency.
  3. Set alerts for excess flow of people.
  4. Generate evolutionary charts of the movement of people and vehicles.
  5. You can estimate the trends of higher movement based on the circulation charts.

This is why the Internet of Things (IoT) can provide us with a regularization system or early warning to stop the spread of Covid-19. The technology for detecting people and vehicle traffic using Meshlium Scanner is a good tool for this, even for the security forces to establish controls in the areas where they are needed. It is clear that we are going to a different reality and that we have to equip our companies, cities and ourselves with technology. Do you want more information about the features of Meshlium Scanner?

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