CxC Connectivity by Convergia
CxC Connectivity by Convergia

Secure Connectivity as a Service


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"Secure Connectivity as a Service” supports digitalization strategy execution

The problem with legacy networking & the need for security

The legacy network cannot keep pace with today’s demands from the enterprise’s digitalization strategy. Mobile and highly distributed workforces, permanent remote working, hybrid branch offices, and business critical applications and resources spread across data centers and complex public and private Cloud landscapes. Connecting all this demands a security architecture to bring more security to where employees are, instead of moving them to where the security is.

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and SD-WAN

Enter software-defined networking, or SD-WAN. With SD-WAN, organizations finally have a route for modernizing the WAN to meet the challenges of the Cloud era. Zero-touch deployments, centralized management and orchestration, and real-time insights and analytics are all transformative benefits delivered by SD-WAN.


At ngena, we have built a global end-to-end platform that delivers Cisco SD-WAN as a Service, with no need for costly expenditures for equipment, complex and long upgrade projects, or risky downtime and migrations. ngena gives you turnkey network modernization in a fully OPEX service, flexible and easy.

SASE takes security and flexibility to the Edge

But SD-WAN modernization is just the beginning. In 2019, Gartner coined the term Secure Access Service Edge, or SASE. In this SASE framework, elements of Network as a Service and Network Security as a Service are combined in singular offerings. At ngena, we have engineered this into our global platform since our founding in 2016, before the term SASE existed. Our hubs as secure edge, the zero-touch deployment of the devices with zero trust network access embedded, and the cloud-based platform with all products in “as a Service” logic. Combined with end-to-end processes and global automated and orchestrated. In this way we say that we have been “SASE since the start.”

ngena: SD-WAN, SASE, and so much more

As exciting as SD-WAN and SASE as a Service are, these definitions STILL do not encompass the complete set of solutions ngena delivers. With a full suite of managed services, covering everything from the procurement and provisioning of CPEs to connecting to complex multi-Cloud environments, what ngena provides is truly unique in the industry. We call it our Secure Connectivity as a Service platform.

What is Secure Connectivity as a Service by ngena? It includes an overlay of Cisco SD-WAN products, including Viptela, Meraki, hybrid combinations of both, plus additional services from the Cisco Umbrella portfolio and third-party partners such as Zscaler, Certes Networks, and Alkira.


It also includes complete coverage of the networking underlay, with options for broadband, MPLS, cellular LTE connectivity, and mixtures of both. You can even bring your existing lines into the ngena platform without any disruption to service.


The underlay and overlay are united by ngena Connect, which automates thousands of manual tasks associated with network management and provides a singular plane for the control and orchestration of WAN resources across a fabric.


This, combined with a global network of ngena Hubs for the utmost in connectivity and our full suite of managed services, all delivered 100% as an OPEX service, make ngena a truly end-to-end solution for SD-WAN, SASE, and more. It’s Secure Connectivity as a Service, simplifying networking and positioning your business for connectivity in the Cloud era.

Dietmar Geiler,

Chief Platform Officer at ngena

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