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CxC Connectivity by Convergia

CxC Router with SIM: why your business needs a failover solution?


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Failover solution can help any business with one of its most important aspects which is the continuity of serviceany down time results in loss of productivity and revenue. 

Most services nowadays rely upon an internet connectiontherefore in this article we will be looking at using CxC Router with SIM and how it can be used as a failover/backup internet connection. 

What is failover and do I need it?

failover system is simply a backup internet connection that is used to create network redundancy, it is the best way to prepare yourself for any potential issues with your primary connection. Using devices such as CxC Router with SIM you can have a readily available internet connection whenever needed.   


Failover solution can be a universal benefit to any business especially those that rely on cloud services, email service, printers, POS systems, video conferencing, file sharing and more. Here are some of the industries that would greatly benefit from this service: 


  • Healthcare 
  • Retail 
  • Restaurants and food service 
  • Finance 
  • Agriculture 
  • Transport 
  • And many more 

Why is Failover important?

There are several instances that can occur that can affect your primary connection. Here are some examples of situations that are outside of your control and how CxC Router with SIM as a failover solution can help: 


  • Natural Disaster: 

Nature is unpredictable, thus there is always the possibility of your primary connection provider being affected by a natural disaster.  With CxC Router with SIM you can automatically switch to yourfailover connection, our connection is powered by a SIM card thus it will remain unaffected, all you require is a power source for your router. 


  • Security Attack: 

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest concerns to every business nowadays, it can even lead to an entire network being taken offline. Using CxC Router with SIM you have access to a secure and private network that is safe from any potential attacks keeping your devices secure with our APNor VPN, allowing you to continue working whilst restoring your primary connection. 


  • Maintenance or system failure: 

Every network will have to go through a maintenance period at some point, this could be routinely or due to some sort of system failure.  Convergia handles all the maintenance of the CxC Router with SIM, ensuring that it is up to date whenever you need it, meaning you can switch over until your primary network is ready. 

The Convergia’s Solution:

Convergia’s CxC Router with SIM have been created to ensure that your business continues to operate regardless of the situation. Our failover solution will ensure that you never miss a sale and you do not incur any unnecessary cost due to loss of productivity. 


This solution comes with several benefits such as remote cloud management, dual sim operator for redundancy, zero touch connectivity, 24/7/365 support (in language of your choice) and many more. Contact us today to learn more about our failover solution! 

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