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CxC Connectivity by Convergia

Digital transformation: prepare your business for the future


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As technology continues to advance, we are seeing a trend of accelerated progression in the workplace that has brough upon several new concepts such as digital transformation. This new concept is simple, as we have begun to rely on new technology such as cloud computing, we are thus having to focus on our digital space as opposed to the physical. In this article we will be going in depth on the concept of digital transformation and how we can prepare ourselves for the changes it will bring. 

What is this digital transformation?

With the emergence of new technology, it has become far more efficient/reliable to focus on expanding our digital capabilities and updating our current systems to accommodate. This can be seen in our professional lives with cloud-based technology, as it has had a huge impact across several industries. Through this technology we can access data online, which has removed any limitations regarding location as well as increased our productivity/availability. Through this technology we have shifted our focus onto a global scale as opposed to local and it has allowed us to provide goods and services on an international scale at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, this technology has also made it possible to expand our workforce to a similar global scale. 

How can you prepare yourself for the digital transformation?

Every business/company will need access to the right tools that enable them to take advantage of the benefits brought upon by this transformation. Therefore, companies must consider the wide range of tools that are available to them. Through a company such as Convergia you can access several of these tools that can help which include: 


Convergia’s Voice Solutions (CxC Broad cloud, 3CX, Webex, Teams, etc.) that all have different niches that can fit your needs! 

There is also Convergia’s line of Connectivity Solutions. Which focus on improving your connectivity and protecting your existing structure from online threats. This includes products such as Wireline, Wireless, Hybrid SD-WAN and many more! 

Another line of tools is Convergia’s Smart devices allows you track and measure various factors. This includes several products such as CxC Smart Water, Environment, Smart City and more. 

How will the digital transformation effect you?

There are various ways in which the digital transformation can affect your workplace/company. Depending on your business you can shift your focus on expanding your market into a global scale whilst providing services internationally and thus you will have to focus on your online presence. This is an opportunity to not only increase your profit but also your reputation and establish yourself in a stronger position for the future. Therefore, is vital to begin preparing for this transformation by upgrading/improving/implementing tools that will help you. 

Why choose our solution?

To help your business with the current trend of digital transformation, you can rely on a company such as Convergia that offers various cloud-based services. Through Convergia you have a wide selection of Connectivity, Voice, and Smart devices solutions. Additionally, you can take advantage of Convergia’s 24/7/365 support in the language of your choice! Click here to find out more about how we can help you embrace the upcoming digital transformation! 

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