CxC Connectivity by Convergia
CxC Connectivity by Convergia

The Moura Group implemented the CxC Wireline solution in its factory in Pilar (Buenos Aires), resulting in a high-level network


Grupo Moura is a recognized leader in the production and sale of batteries in Argentina, offering innovative and high-quality solutions for various industrial sectors. With a strong presence in the market, Grupo Moura is distinguished by its commitment to excellence, sustainability and customer satisfaction


Due to the high demand for connectivity required by the production processes of the Conecta project in Brazil and Argentina, the Moura Group needed a robust and reliable network solution for its factory in Pilar, Buenos Aires. The previous infrastructure did not meet the high availability and coverage requirements needed to support the efficient operation of the plant and its additional branches


Convergia implemented the CxC Wireline solution at Grupo Moura’s factory in Pilar. This solution included an advanced network infrastructure that provides full coverage throughout the main plant facilities and seven additional branches The new network ensures high availability, significantly improving connectivity and the efficiency of production processes


“Great victories and achievements only happen when there is, among other values, team spirit, owner spirit, persistence, self-improvement, learning from one’s mistakes, leadership by example and customer focus. The Convergia Argentina team showed a high level of commitment. Together we were able to overcome all adversities and deliver the IT infrastructure of Moura Argentina, Pilar location, on the promised date. It was a huge and challenging technical job for everyone, and together we were able to achieve success. I know I can count on Convergia for the next challenges to come”. The Moura Group implemented the CxC Wireline solution in its factory in Pilar (Buenos Aires), resulting in a high hierarchy network. Data & Security Luis Torres (ICT Infrastructure Manager Brazil-Argentina)

Thanks to the collaboration and commitment of the Convergia team, Grupo Moura was able to overcome the technical challenges and complete the implementation on time. The new IT infrastructure has transformed plant operations, ensuring reliable and efficient connectivity that supports Grupo Moura’s continued growth and innovation