CxC Connectivity by Convergia
CxC Connectivity by Convergia

A Tailored Telephony Solution Developed for an ICT Company of South Africa


Discover how MBV IT, a prominent managed service provider in South Africa, has embraced cutting-edge technology and a smart telephony platform to elevate its business operations. With a focus on delivering exceptional managed IT services, MBV IT sought a comprehensive communication solution to streamline its processes and enhance client satisfaction.


As a leading managed service provider, MBV IT recognized the need for a robust communication solution that could integrate seamlessly into itstperations. The challenge lay in finding a comprehensive telephony system that could handle diverse requirements, including Class 4 Softswitch, Multi-Tenant IP PBX, routing and billing, and faxing capabilities. Additionally, they aimed to empower their administrative team to efficiently manage various business aspects without relying on technical VoIP expertise.


To address these challenges, MBV IT partnered with Inextr VoIP development team to build a tailor-made communication solution. Leveraging multiple technologies, were crafted a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) that simplified day-to-day operations and eliminated the need for specialized VoIP knowledge. The software’s flawless performance and scalability emerged as key differentiators, offering a competitive advantage to MBV IT and its clients. Furthermore, the automation of invoicing and billing processes streamlined their business operations.


The implementation of our comprehensive telephony solution has yielded remarkable outcomes for MBV IT:


99.95% Uptime SLA: The robust infrastructure ensures uninterrupted communication services, boosting reliability and customer trust.


84.69% Improvement in Team Productivity: With streamlined workflows and intuitive controls, MBV IT’s administrative team experienced significant productivity gains, enabling them to focus on delivering exceptional service to clients.


75.82% Increase in Client Satisfaction: The enhanced communication capabilities and seamless user experience resulted in a substantial improvement in client satisfaction, fostering stronger relationships and trust.


43.65% Revenue Growth: By leveraging the power of our comprehensive telephony solution, MBV IT capitalized on smart business strategies, leading to a substantial increase in revenue.


Through the collaboration of Inextrix with MBV IT, it has been possible to verify the transformative power of a comprehensive telephony solution. By combining bleeding-edge technology, a smart telephony platform, and a user-friendly interface, MBV IT has solidified its position as a leading managed service provider. The achievements in uptime, team productivity, client satisfaction, and revenue growth are a testament to the positive impact of tailored communication solutions. As the ICT landscape continues to evolve, MBV IT stands poised for continued success, armed with the power of efficient and effective communication.