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CxC Connectivity by Convergia

Distech Controls Solution at World Wrestling Entertainment Headquarters


The headquarters of World Wrestling Entertainment, based in New York, had outgrown its previous home and required a larger facility for executive suites, administrative areas, data centers, and broadcast studios. The new headquarters are 13 stories and 415,000 square feet. Albireo Energy and KODE Labs partnered with their construction and consulting firm to develop a specification and use cases for an integrated BAS and OT systems platform to improve building performance, reduce operational costs, and provide employees and guests with an engaging workplace.


As WWE’s previous home could no longer accommodate its towing needs, a larger facility was required to house executive suites, administrative areas, data centers, and broadcast studios. The challenge was to design and implement an integrated Building Automation System (BAS) and Operational Technology (OT) platform that would improve building performance, reduce operational costs, and provide an exceptional user experience.


To address WWE’s needs, Distech Controls emerged as the ideal solution provider, offering the latest BAS standards and products that were easy to integrate and deliver. One key advantage of Distech Controls’ technology was its ability to eliminate data silos by seamlessly integrating all data points into a unified system. By upgrading and replacing WWE’s existing Siemens Apogee system with Distech Controls, the latest BAS standards were met, paving the way for enhanced functionality and efficiency.


The implementation involved the use of KODE OS and GUI, enabling access to building systems, alarms, and schedules through a cyber-secure network and a unified user interface. The integration between the BAS and KODE OS encompassed critical systems such as fire and life safety, lighting, space utilization, elevator monitoring, parking management, utility monitoring, fault detection and diagnostics (FDD), indoor environmental quality, work order integration, visitor management.


The implementation of Distech Controls’ solution brought forth a multitude of benefits. The 13-story, 415,000-square feet WWE headquarters now operates at an optimal level, ensuring superior building performance and reduced operational costs. With the integration of various systems, WWE employees and guests can experience a seamless and engaging environment. The unified user interface provided by Distech Controls enables efficient management and control of the entire facility from a single pane of glass, enhancing operational effectiveness and simplifying facility management tasks.


Solutions Installed in the Building:


To support the successful implementation, the following Distech Controls hardware was utilized:


EC-BOS (Jace equivalent): A powerful and versatile controller for advanced building automation.
ECY product line: Including ECY-S1000, ECY-STAT, ECY-PTU’s, and more, providing comprehensive control and monitoring capabilities for various building systems.


The collaboration between Albireo Energy, KODE Labs, and their construction and consulting firm resulted in a remarkable achievement at the World Wrestling Entertainment headquarters. The implementation of the Distech Controls solution has revolutionized building performance, delivering an engaging workplace and improved operational efficiency. WWE now stands as a prime example of how innovative BAS and OT systems can transform a facility into a state-of-the-art environment, ensuring a seamless experience for employees and guests alike.

Author: yoordin-pt