CxC Connectivity by Convergia
CxC Connectivity by Convergia

Cloud Telephony Integrated with Microsoft Teams for the CCS 


The purpose of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce (CCS) is to support the country’s business growth. To achieve this, it offers a wide range of products and services designed to provide its members and entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to optimize their management. In this context, five main areas of action have been defined:

• Information Services

• Application of Information Technologies

• Promotion of International Business

• Human Resources Training

• Resolution of Commercial Disputes

The Santiago Chamber of Commerce (CCS) plays a fundamental role in the editing and distribution of the Commercial Information Bulletin. Through the National Electronic Commerce Network, the CCS electronically connects with 22 chambers of commerce, resulting in 29 offices spread throughout Chile. Based on a cutting-edge technological platform, this electronic network enables regional businesses and companies to access CCS products and services while providing relevant commercial information for the different regions of the country


In these times of constant change, it is essential for businesses to have a telephony solution that allows them to be connected at all times through digital transformation, enabling complete mobility for all users of the organization and integrated into a single communications platform

In this sense, the Santiago Chamber of Commerce needed to replace its On-premise digital switchboard, which enabled static communication from workstations, with certain limitations in terms of reporting, control, and management. That’s why a cloud telephony solution was chosen to integrate its voice services with the Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams collaboration platform.


Thanks to the collaboration with the Technology Services Management of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce, we were able to understand the current situation of their telephone infrastructure. We identified deficiencies in terms of functionalities and support of their internal telephone switchboard. Based on this comprehensive analysis, we determined that the Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams solution, provided by Microsoft Teams, was the most suitable option to address the communication needs of their organization

In partnership with the Engineering team of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce, we participated in a selection process that included two other competitors. We meticulously evaluated the technical and commercial features, as well as conducted functional tests through a proof of concept. This process allowed us to validate the call quality, IVR functionality, solution availability, and performance, along with Hunting Group tests

Furthermore, we seized this opportunity to showcase the solution through a Showroom to the collaborators of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce. This allowed them to understand the advantages and benefits of adopting this new communications platform

Convergia was selected as the fixed telephony operator to implement the Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams service for all users of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce. We achieved a successful implementation and migration of the client’s fixed numbering, foreseeing the necessary training for both the technology team and the company’s collaborators. This close collaboration and customer-centric approach were crucial for the implementation’s success


The Santiago Chamber of Commerce (CCS), since its foundation in 1911, has been a fundamental pillar in the Chilean business world. Actively representing the interests of its members, it has excelled in the legislative sphere and in supporting the country’s business development. Its close relationship with Regional Chambers of Commerce facilitates the exchange of information and business opportunities nationwide, providing access to specific data about markets and suppliers. Additionally, as a member of the National Chamber of Commerce (CNC) and with an extensive international network, the CCS positions itself as a key player on the global stage. Its modern Business Center, located in the Commerce Building, is a vital space for the business community, hosting nationally and internationally relevant events such as seminars, workshops, and business rounds