CxC Connectivity by Convergia
CxC Connectivity by Convergia

Mexican Automotive Parts Wholesaler Converges Network and Security Infrastructure with the Fortinet Platform


Over the past 40 years, Grupo Morsa de México has grown to become one of the largest automotive parts wholesalers in Mexico. Today, it conducts almost all its sales over the internet. Fulfilling nearly 7,000 daily online orders from 19 distribution centers, it made sense for Grupo Morsa to take a hybrid mesh firewall approach to its network security.


Grupo Morsa, a leading automotive parts wholesaler in Mexico with a 40-year legacy, faced critical challenges in its digital transformation journey. The surge in online sales, particularly through its B2B e-commerce platform, Morsa Click, exposed connectivity issues, inefficient access management, and the absence of standardized equipment and cloud integration. With 94% of sales relying on digital platforms, the need for a robust and secure network infrastructure became imperative.


Grupo Morsa strategically selected Fortinet to address its complex challenges. The Fortinet Security Fabric Platform was deployed, featuring FortiGate NGFW at each distribution center and in the AWS public cloud, enhancing stability and resource access. The Secure SD-WAN solution ensured secure connectivity across 19 distribution centers, while FortiSwitch and FortiAP solutions upgraded Wi-Fi networks for streamlined inventory processes. Fortinet’s security enhancement tools, including FortiClient for endpoint protection, FortiAnalyzer for log management, and FortiSandbox for threat detection, were integrated. Centralized management through FortiManager orchestrated nearly 300 cybersecurity devices and over 1,200 endpoints.


Fortinet’s comprehensive solution has not only optimized available human resources but also positioned Grupo Morsa for continued success in the dynamic automotive parts industry. The integrated ecosystem ensures adaptability, scalability, and constant growth, aligning seamlessly with Grupo Morsa’s vision for the future.