CxC Connectivity by Convergia
CxC Connectivity by Convergia

Monitoring for Vaccine Center and Covid Test Station on Datacake IoT Platform 


In the town of Vreden, KEMPER GmbH, a manufacturer of filter systems for welding fumes, faced the challenge of monitoring refrigerators storing valuable vaccines and equipment for COVID-19 quick tests at their vaccination center and testing station.


The main challenges were ensuring the safe storage of vaccines, protecting sensitive equipment, and maintaining optimal conditions for vaccine storage and COVID-19 testing. With the need for real-time monitoring and alerting, KEMPER GmbH sought an efficient and reliable solution to address these challenges.


KEMPER GmbH partnered with Datacake, a robust IoT platform, to set up the monitoring system. The solution comprised various components, including the RAKwireless RAK7268 WisGate Edge 2 as a LoRaWAN Gateway, Dragino LHT65 temperature and humidity sensors, and the Datacake IoT platform for monitoring and alerting. The LoRaWAN sensors, powered by long-lasting batteries, accurately measured temperature and humidity inside the refrigerators. The Datacake platform provided real-time dashboards, trend analysis, critical condition alerting, and daily data export for comprehensive monitoring.


The implementation process involved setting up the LoRaWAN network using the RAKwireless WisGate Edge 2 gateway, which provided reliable connectivity. The battery-powered Dragino LHT65 sensors were installed inside the refrigerators, ensuring precise temperature and humidity measurements. The Datacake platform enabled the creation of a public dashboard accessible via QR codes, providing real-time temperature updates to visitors and employees. Additionally, critical temperature deviations triggered SMS and email notifications to ensure prompt actions. The automated daily data export feature facilitated convenient record-keeping and analysis.


By leveraging cost-effective LoRaWAN sensor technology and user-friendly gateways, KEMPER GmbH successfully implemented a comprehensive monitoring solution for their vaccine center and COVID-19 test station. The combination of Datacake’s IoT platform and reliable hardware components provided real-time insights, critical condition alerting, and data export capabilities. This solution showcased the benefits of leveraging IoT technology for efficient and cost-optimized monitoring in critical environments.