Bluetooth Mesh Global Standard

Interoperable with ecosystem of suppliers

Very simple Commissioning process

Cloud Monitor occupancy and energy usage option

Optional Cellular Wireless CxC Router

Highly Secure

Over the air firmware updates

Silvair enabled devices supplied by Future Electronics

CxC App Factory
CxC Router

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Monitoring Services

  • Efficient space utilization
  • Higher productivity
  • Improved occupant comfort

Monitor Occupancy

Energy Usage

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Lower energy costs
  • Reduce peak energy demands
  • Carbon credit planning

more efficient space utilization

higher productivity

lower costs

improved occupant comfort

easier regulatory compliance

lower energy costs

smaller environmental footprint

Occupancy and Energy

Usage Monitoring

Lighting accounts for more than 20% of electricity consumed by commercial buildings. It is a great place to start when looking for building efficiency upgrades. Advanced lighting control strategies are a proven way to increase lighting efficiency, slash energy consumption, and keep money from pouring out of your business. Combined, they can deliver energy and maintenance savings of up to 70%.

The wireless lighting control solution from Silvair is designed to support a variety of such strategies. You can mix them, monitor the results, and quickly introduce desired changes to maximize savings. Make sure your luminaires provide light only when and where it’s needed!


Never light unoccupied spaces again. Deploy sensor-driven automation to generate lighting energy savings of up to 50%


Make sure your rooms are not over-lit. Automatically adjust luminaires’ output to natural light availability and save up to 20%


Put your luminaires on a

schedule that precisely

matches your business hours. Lighting energy savings can reach up to 30%


Regardless of what strategies you deploy, you can accompany them with convenient wireless switches/dimmers. End users will be able to adjust lighting in response to visual needs, and you might save up to 40%


From simple high-end trim to sophisticated multi-scene scenarios, make sure your lighting is always perfectly tailored to the requirements of your employees / customers. They will feel great and you might save up to 40% of lighting energy


From single luminaires to entire buildings, you can get detailed energy consumption data just as you need it – in the form of raw numbers or convenient visual heatmaps. Analyze that data and find the strategies that work best for you to maximize savings!

As effective as they are, advanced control strategies are present only at approximately 3% of all commercial spaces across the U.S. The reasons include technical complexity, high capital investment requirement, disruptive installation, and uncertain ROI. But with the advent of wireless technologies, the lighting industry gained the tools to address these concerns.

Silvair simplifies lighting control, drastically shortening the path to highly efficient sensor-driven strategies. Using lighting components from our partners, you can deploy advanced controls at your building easier than ever before. The globally interoperable Bluetooth mesh ecosystem continues to grow, giving customers the freedom to choose from a variety of products across different vendors.

Modern Bluetooth Mesh Lighting Control makes it easy and secure


Designed specifically to address the challenging requirements of wireless lighting control, Bluetooth mesh is the first low-power communication technology that solves the three pain points of today’s connected lighting systems: reliability, scalability and simplicity. It also democratizes lighting control, allowing manufacturers of all sizes and geographies to join a globally interoperable ecosystem of devices that work with each other out of the box.


You will be surprised how easily you can retrofit your lighting with a complete wireless control solution from Silvair. No need to lay down miles of cables or install massive control boxes. No need to rip the walls open or temporarily shut down your building. In addition, we will provide you with Silvair Commissioning, a set of tools that simplify just everything about the commissioning process. You won’t need a commissioning specialist - you will want to do it by yourself!


Our wireless control solution delivers savings at every single step of the process. From minimum disruption during the installation to maximum simplicity during the commissioning, you can deploy advanced control strategies with significantly less effort than ever before.

Our dedicated monitoring tools will provide a detailed insight into how you lighting system performs, allowing you to generate maintenance savings on top of all the energy savings. And since lighting components with the Silvair Firmware are priced comparably to standard components, the initial capital investments an order of magnitude lower than in the case of proprietary wireless control systems.


Building energy codes are updated every couple of years, reflecting the increasingly stringent targets on climate change. With the unmatched flexibility of our lighting control technology, you should be able to adjust your system to evolving environmental regulations without significant effort. In the meantime, you will be able to enjoy rebates and other financial incentives under applicable energy efficiency programs.

The first stage of the process (planning) is with Silvair cloud-based web app;

Easy Commissioning

  • Import floor plans
  • Set desired zones and lighting features,
  • Set light levels and timers with occupancy-based automation

The second stage (implementation) was onsite, using a tablet or phone with Silvair Commissioning app installed. Luminaires were automatically grouped into zones and lighting control features selected earlier were automatically implemented.

Custom lighting solutions with CxC App Factory

Real time monitoring and control

Custom Reports and Dashboards

Integration with:

  • Building Management Systems
  • Distech and any others with API
  • Enterprise Systems;
  • IT, Operations, Business Analytics
  • Connected Products and Sensors (IoT)

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