Pan-American Connectivity and Points of Presence with Telefonica

CxC CoLo Cloud

Same technological solution in all countries

Needs with demand of local presence

CxC CoLo Cloud offers global presence with the widest footprint in Latin America to better serve the business needs of Multinational Companies


Data Centers

100,000 m²
MPLS network

DC connected with our Core networks

30,000 Managed Servers



With Convergia and Telefonica, you have a stronger presence in LATAM


The key center is strategically located in Miami, at the crossroads of many fiber optic cables.

More than 7 cables reach the US coast at a distance less than 72 km between in the Miami area, connecting continents and sub-continents to the USA.

With Convergia and Telefonica, you have the best connectivity from

USA to LATAM and Europe

Only two cables completely surround the Latin American subcontinent. This physical redundancy ensures the communication is delivered in case of any contingency. One of them is our SAM-1, managed 100% by Telefonica.

Additionally our PCCS Cable, UNISUR, BRUSA and Marea complement our network capabilities in the region.


Key elements of the Data Center

    The facilities have redundant electrical power supply systems, reserve supply, refrigeration, wiring, detection and extinction of fires, detection of water leaks and security controls.

In Telefónica we provide first-class Data Centers and an excellent operative experience to maintain and operate them. Our in-situ operators ensure the fast assistance to your petitions, since they can operate as remote hands.

Supply from independent substations

UPS - Uninterrupted power supply system

Preheated electrogene groups

Diesel tanks to supply the electrogene groups uninterruptedly

Redundant and automatized electrical panels for the distribution


Cloud & Data Center Services Value Proposition

CxC Colo Cloud

The CxC Colo Cloud is much more than a Data Center

Managed and Professional Services from our highly qualified team

Cloud Portal- Manage your infrastructure

Business Continuity- Best-in-class tools and online reporting

Packaged applications & Automation- Application deployment (Marketplace) and Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Containers- supporting DevOps while sharing the same management model as Virtual Machines

VMware- leading virtualization solution for Enterprise applications

IT Infrastructures- Multiple Data Centers , specialized hardware and service levels

Communications- the best Carrier-grade network to connect and extend your cloud

Configurations- COLOCATION MIAMI

Service Packages

1x Standard cabinet (24"x 46" 42RU) with 2KVA

1x 120V/20A A+B power circuit. Standard PDUs included

30Mbps of internet (single-link , 1GETH RJ45 access port, cross -connect, burstable)

4x public IP addresses

1x Standard cabinet (24"x 46" 42RU) with 3KVA

1x 208V/20A A+B power circuit. PDUs not included

50Mbps of internet (single-link , 1GETH RJ45 access port, cross -connect, burstable)

4x public IP addresses

1x Standard cabinet (24"x 46" 42RU) with 5KVA

1x 208V/30A A+B power circuit. Standard PDUs included

1000Mbps of internet (single-link , 1GETH RJ45 access port, cross -connect, burstable)

8x public IP addresses

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