GXC Onyx Starter Kit

Private LTE Cellular Network

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GXC Onyx Starter Kit

Set up an enterprise Private LTE Cellular Network in just 10 minutes. Built with a mesh architecture and designed for hard-to-reach locations, it allows for easy and fast deployment while providing the full coverage and capacity of a public network

GXC Onyx

The GXC Onyx Starter Kit provides secure, high-quality, Private Cellular Network connectivity with minimal assembly and without significant initial commitments


Onyx Portal, the all-in-one cloud-native platform for Private LTE management efficiency, scalability, and reliability

Experience seamless Private LTE connectivity with the GXC Onyx Mobile Kit. This all-in-one solution activates your Private Cellular Network instantly, offering effortless access to secure, high-speed wireless communication. Simply power up and connect—no assembly, no hassle

GXC Onyx Starter Kit for USA

For only


Only for US$ 120 Monthly

Includes NOC monitoring and Tiers 1 & 2 support 24x7x365 with standard response times for a cost-effective solution**

And US$ 120 per month

* after the 1st year its U$ 299/month x 12 (yearly paid in advance) for the Onyx subscriptions

** option to upgrade to Platinum support which includes Basic Plus features with accelerated SLA response times and the addition of resolution times for U$ 285 MRC

(12 month contract)

One time Payment

US$ 7449

1 years Onyx (platform) subscription with Tier 2 support*

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  • 1 x GXC Onyx (G100) Indoor B48 Access Point
  • 1 x Onyx Edge Appliance (Dell 3200)
  • 5 x SIM cards (contact us for eSIM)
  • Cables etc. for connections
  • Rugged Travel Case

*Internet connection via ethernet is required.

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