We delve into the remarkable transformation of the Le Brick building in Nantes, France, made possible by the innovative solutions provided by Distech Controls. As a leading provider of building automation and energy management solutions, Distech Controls has been instrumental in revolutionizing the way we optimize energy consumption, ensure thermal comfort, and create sustainable environments. Let’s explore the successful implementation of the Distech Controls solution, which played a pivotal role in achieving energy efficiency and thermal comfort in this innovative hybrid space.


The challenge faced was to create an energy-efficient building while providing a flexible and scalable solution. The requirements included open integration, web imaging capabilities, compliance with thermal regulations, and sustainability certifications.


The chosen solution was the full BACnet/IP ECLYPSE level B-BC solution from Distech Controls. It included 139 ECLYPSE connected controllers for terminal units, 139 communicating sensors, 2 ECLYPSE modular connected controllers, 1 multi-protocol web controller, and the ENVYSION web-based design and visualization interface. The EC-Net 4 monitoring software was also utilized.


The Distech Controls solution offered seamless integration, precise control, and energy savings. The eu.bac certification on ECLYPSE connected controllers for terminal units provided confidence and compliance with thermal regulations. The provision of PEP-ecopassport certificates demonstrated a commitment to sustainability.
With Distech Controls’ cutting-edge technology, the Le Brick building became a shining example of energy efficiency, optimal control, and sustainable practices in the maritime and nautical industry.


As we look ahead, it’s clear that Distech Controls will continue to lead the way in revolutionizing building automation and energy management. Their commitment to sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction ensures that organizations worldwide will have access to cutting-edge solutions that enhance their operational efficiency, reduce costs, and create greener spaces.


The integration of Distech Controls’ solution has not only met the challenge of creating an energy-efficient space but also surpassed expectations. The Le Brick building stands as a testament to the power of intelligent building automation, where businesses can thrive while minimizing their environmental impact.

Author: yoordin-pt