CxC Connectivity by Convergia
CxC Connectivity by Convergia

Enhancing Room Comfort and Efficiency: Distech Controls Solution at B&B Hotel in Publier 


The B&B Hotel in Publier, located in Haute-Savoie, France, is the latest addition to the B&B brand’s portfolio in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. With its contemporary design and 86 rooms catering to 1 to 4 guests, this hotel aims to provide a comfortable and modern stay for its visitors.


In line with their commitment to superior guest experiences, B&B sought the expertise of Distech Controls, a trusted partner since 2014, to implement a comprehensive solution for room comfort management.


To meet the unique requirements of the B&B network, a tailored application was needed to efficiently manage room comfort in the hotel. Each guest room was equipped with an Allure-EC-Smart-Comfort interface, empowering guests to effortlessly customize their comfort settings. The challenge was to seamlessly integrate these controls with the ECLYPSE-PTU controller connected to each room, allowing for smooth communication and reliable operation. Furthermore, the solution needed to ensure easy replacement of room sensors in case of damage, maximizing convenience and reducing maintenance efforts.



Distech Controls provided a range of cutting-edge solutions to address the specific needs of the B&B Hotel in Publier. The room comfort management system relied on 92 ECLYPSE-connected controllers for terminal units (ECY-PTU-207), allowing precise control of HVAC equipment in each room. Complemented by 92 Allure-EC-Smart-Comfort room sensors, guests enjoyed the convenience of adjusting their comfort preferences effortlessly. Additionally, the installation of 2 ECLYPSE-ECY-S1000 modular connected controllers facilitated efficient management of technical equipment, including heat pumps, hot water systems, and air handling units.


One key aspect that set the Distech Controls solution apart was the use of room sensors with RJ45 connections. This feature ensured the easy replacement of sensors in the event of damage, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted guest comfort. The installation of ECLYPSE S-1000 modular connected controllers not only streamlined technical equipment management but also contributed to the hotel’s overall energy efficiency and sustainability.


Through collaboration with Distech Controls, the B&B Hotel in Publier successfully implemented an advanced room comfort management system, elevating the guest experience to new heights. The tailored application, seamless integration with controllers, and the convenience of room sensors with RJ45 connections showcased the effectiveness and reliability of the solution. As B&B continues to prioritize guest satisfaction and energy efficiency, the Distech Controls solution serves as a testament to its commitment to excellence in the hospitality industry.