CxC Connectivity by Convergia
CxC Connectivity by Convergia

Embracing Nature and Innovation in Paris with Distech Controls


Welcome to the world of Biome, an upcoming office building located in the vibrant 15th arrondissement of Paris. With its commitment to nature, versatile spaces, and a culture of openness, Biome is set to redefine the concept of modern work environments.


The challenge for the Biome project was to create a sustainable and energy-efficient building that offers superior comfort to its occupants. This required an innovative solution that could seamlessly integrate various systems while prioritizing security and ease of use.


Distech Controls emerged as the ideal solution provider for Biome. Their innovative, open, and connected technologies stood out, offering enhanced security features and the ability to integrate client security certificates directly into the controllers. This not only ensured ease of operation but also made the solution sustainable for long-term use.


One of the key highlights of the Distech Controls implementation was the ability to establish an intelligent energy control strategy. By leveraging the solution’s features, Biome could consume energy more efficiently, reducing its environmental footprint while ensuring optimal comfort for occupants.


Installed Solutions: Biome features a comprehensive range of Distech Controls solutions, including 550 ECLYPSE connected controllers for terminal units (ECY-PTU), 20 ECLYPSE connected system controllers (ECY-S1000), 800 multi-sensors (EC-Multi-Sensor-BLE), and Allure UNITOUCH touch-screen occupant interfaces.


The Biome project stands as a testament to the power of Distech Controls’ innovative solutions in creating sustainable and occupant-centric office spaces. With their commitment to innovation, openness, and energy efficiency, Distech Controls has successfully transformed Biome into an exemplar of modern architecture, blending nature with cutting-edge technology.