CxC Webex by Cisco is a cloud-based phone system that is optimized for all businesses It has all the essential business calling capabilities you are likely to need

How does it work?
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CxC Webex

CxC Webex by Cisco is a cloud-based phone system that is optimized for all businesses. It has all the essential business calling capabilities you are likely to need

No need to worry anymore about the expense and complexity of managing phone system infrastructure on your premises. We take care of the manage and monitoring of the Webex Cloud so you can focus on what matters most

One App for everything and everyone
- Calling, meetings, and messaging in the cloud for teams of all sizes

CxC Webex is a fully Managed and Monitored UCaaS offer

Optional phones and conference equipment available to be purchased or financed at low monthly rates

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How does it work?

Receive an IP-phone directly to your location and just plug & play. Make your first call in 2 minutes after connecting your phone

Easy app installation for PC, MAC, Android and iOS in minutes

Intuitive interface that makes your life easy

Ability to execute calls, chat, and web conference from any device

Stay informed about the status of your colleagues in the company with Presence

Working better, together

Trusted by 95% of Fortune 500 companies

Unified Communications

Companies that deploy Unified Communications, experience a 72% increase in business

Improve Productivity

91% of IT executives see improved collaboration after UC is implemented

Minimize Risk

Keep out unsanctioned apps that weaken security and increase IT costs

Speed Up Responsiveness

88% of buyers reported significantly faster problem resolution


Adaptable for any workstyle, role, or device so you can choose when, where, and how you work


Equal experiences for everyone regardless of geography, language, or communication style


Secure by design, private by default, to defend against threats no matter where you're working


OpEx not CaEpx model, transparent cost, no maintenance, rapid deployment




Everything you share, say, and type is protected by end-to-end encryption

Use your computer, tablet, or smartphone to make and receive calls on the go

Centralized administration

One place to manage and configure all phone cloud services

Hybrid Solutions

Fully integrated works with cloud apps like Office 365 and Google Workspace


One contact in the event of failure, less time spent managing multiple organizations

One supplier


Main features


Cloud calling made easy

Keep colleagues and customers close with a complete cloud phone system built to make and receive business calls on any device


Experience it with immersive share

Virtual presentations become as good as in-person meetings when you layer yourself over the content you’re sharing

Collaborate with anyone

Create a more efficient workflow with team messaging and file sharing for both internal and external teams—all in the same space


Instant audience engagement

Encourage more active participation in meetings and events with easy interactive audience tools for polling and Q&A


Host virtual events at scale

Host large virtual events with up to 100,000 attendees and reach more corners of the world


Aditional features

Auto Attendant

Receptionist Client

Ensure that calls are answered, and that callers' needs are met. Add greetings, set up menus, and route calls to an answering service, a hunt group, a voicemail box, or a real person

Helps to support the needs of your front-office personnel by providing them with a full set of call control options, large-scale line monitoring, call queuing, multiple directory options and views

Designated stations logically grouped together to take incoming calls. Calls are placed into a call queue until one of the designated stations becomes available

Call Queue

Hunt Groups

Paging Group

Call Pickup

Distributes calls from a single phone number to a group of numbers in a company

Users can send an audio message to a person, a department, or a team. When someone sends a message to a paging group

You can turn on call park so that users can put a call on hold and pick it up from another phone. You can edit or delete an existing call park

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