CxC Smart Agriculture

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Optimize crop management and yields while increasing overall productivity, you can also reduce the consumption of agricultural resources

What is it?

CxC Smart Agriculture is designed to manage variations in the field to increase crop yield, raise productivity and reduce consumption of agricultural inputs

Did you know?

Hunger and food security are new-era challenges that can be solved with IoT technology applied to agricultural crops. CxC Smart Agriculture includes a wide range of agriculture sensors for a great variety of agricultural applications: large fields of cereals, fruit trees, vegetables, greenhouses and flowers

Product Quality Enhancing

Applications of IoT Technology for Agriculture

Green Houses


Weather Forecast


Each sensor is connected to the Gateway and collects respective data. This data is then transferred to the cloud via Convergia's CxC SIM with wireless connectivity, where it is stored in our CxC IoT App Factory platform, which monitors and displays real-time data from each sensor

Fully Managed and Monitored Connected Solutions


How does it work?

  • Soil factors
  • Precision irrigation needs
  • Livestock tracking & Health monitoring
  • Micro-climates
  • Storage
  • Asset tracking
  • Fertilizer & feed
  • Irrigation valves & pump

Monitor & Control


  • Savings of time & money
  • Resource efficiency
  • Reduced labo costs
  • Improved yield
  • Optimized pesticide & fertilization application
  • Healthier & more productive livestock
  • Sustainability


IoT in Difficult to Reach Locations

  • No Maintenance needed
  • High Accuracy Sensors
  • Usable on any Cloud Platform
  • High-Quality Calibration
  • Interoperability with any wireless technology
  • LPWAN & Cellular Communication protocol for isolated locations
  • Low Power Consumption

- Long battery life

- Solar powered

- Ultraviolet radiation

- Photosynthetic active radiation (PAR)

- Shortwave radiation

  • Light and radiation sensors that measure:

- Electrical conductivity

- Volumetric water content

- Soil water potential

- Oxygen levels

- Non-contact plant growth measurement

  • Soil sensors that measure:


CxC Smart Suppliers

Early pest detection

Higher crop yield

Reduce environmental damage

Less transport costs: human interventions only when needed

Reduce crop losses through disease or adverse weather

Cost savings reducing use of fertilizers, pesticides and consumables

CxC Smart Agriculture will help you

Stay Connected with Integrated CxC SIM for Multi-Carrier connectivity

Cloud Managed through CxC Smart Factory with user conīŦgurable business rules and integration into your existing systems

Open API and IDE for custom development

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