KORE Wireless + Teltonika Bundle

  • KORE Wireless Cellular Connectivity Pro
  • Teltonika RUT240 Cellular + RMS
  • Convergia Router and Connectivity Cloud Monitoring and Management as a Service
  • Provisioned and shipped to customer premise for plug and play
  • OPEX, low monthly fee for complete solution

USD $30

* 1GB monthly poolable allowance + Teltonika RUT240 & M&M offer for U$ 30 MRC x 36 month contract


  • Valid on minimum 36-month contract from 10/01/2023 through 12/31/2023
  • To qualify, all sales must be customer signed & submitted on or before 12/31/2023

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passthrough support H.323 and SIP-alg protocol NAT helpers



Primary and Secondary modes



Gateway support

Aluminium housing with DIN rail mounting option, plastic panels

Casing material

Mounting options

Bottom and sideways DIN rail mounting slots

Mobile module

4G (LTE) – Cat 4

Control Set up custom data limits for the SIM card

Mobile quota control

WAN port (can be configured to LAN) 10/100 Mbps


IEEE 802.11b/g/n, Access Point (AP), Station (STA)


LAN ports, 10/100 Mbps


Azure IoT Hub support

OpenWRT based distro


4 pin power socket 9 - 30 VDC

Advanced I/O integration


Multiple clients and server can be running simultaneously, 12 encryption methods




Digital I/O

RUT 240 Key Features


Cloud Remote Monitoring and Management with Teltonika RMS





Remotely monitor and control Teltonika Networks products:personalize dashboard using custom table presets, update firmware, upload/restore configurations within a few clicks. Management of a single device or huge fleet becomes a simple task with reduced costs

Ensure top quality of service and user experience while monitoring your company routers with active WiFi/Hotspot and analyzing their performance by checking information about active users, data usage, and use time

Set up a custom report system that contains information onrelevant device parameters. Reports can be generated periodicallyor whenever needed. All generated reports are stored on RMSservers and can be downloaded at any point for future analysis






Analyze your devices with RMS collected data. Every router activatedin RMS periodically reports various telemetry and events information, which are logged and processed for future performance checks or maintenance planning

RMS location monitoring enables tracking and monitoring for asingle device or the whole fleet with ease. With information stored in RMS servers, it is possible to track movement history

For remote devices, finding which physical ports are in use can bea tedious and expensive task. Port scan enables seeing active Ethernet ports and devices connected to them. Moreover, youmay create RMS connect access links with a single click

Why KORE Wireless ConnectivityPro?

Order, provision, activate, and deactivate devices for enhanced scalability

Access guided setup with experienced support to streamline internal training

Monitor usage and identify billing overages to reduce costs

Resolve connectivity issues efficiently to avoid solution downtime

Analyze operational trends to improve and optimize solution performance

Automate connectivity management service upgrades to eliminate the need to execute in-house

Add new features, functionalities, and services with little to no updates or training required

Expand regionally for global coverage while ensuring in-country compliance

Integrate connectivity management services directly into mission-critical applications

Key Features and Functionality

Allows users to integrate ConnectivityPro functionality directly into the applications they desire to connect directly including primary IoT applications or back-office systems

Provides a 4-level hierarchical configuration (Parent, Child, Grandchild, and Great-Grandchild) with multiple billing models and rate plan management. Configuration models support cost center, wholesale, and agent models with white labeling at each level, and parents receive individual child invoice reports

Enables monitoring and security capabilities targeting both cost management as well as fraud protection. Using a combination of shallow packet inspection and session meta-data analysis, users can access live traffic views and monitoring of specific IP protocol types, ports, device changes (IMEI), as well as anomalous communication patterns based on trend analysis, loss of connection, usage bursting, or URL mis-matches. Additional capabilities include protection from DDOS and ISD attacks and white / black listing of addresses

API Library

Hierarchical Account Management

Network Traffic Monitoring

Real-Time Provisioning

Enables a broad range of customizable dashboards that are filterable, configurable, and downloadable. Dashboards include usage cycle-to-date, monthly total usage, overage violations, inventory status, top usage subscriptions, rate plan allocation graphs, and variable usage per device graphs

Provides usage monitoring in real-time for both individual and pooled usage accumulation amounts with rules-based actions including suspending, de-activating, or changing the rate plan of the subscription

Provides real-time status of individual subscriptions using deep core element queries and related meta-data information, such as session status. A history of events is provided with a number of reset options including de-registering a SIM from the network and the ability to issue device reset commands

Real-time, single click provisioning to 9 SIM lifecycle states, including pre-billing states (to support manufacturing and pre-deployment logistics), active and suspended states, as well as inactive and terminated states

Data Visualization and Reporting

Usage Monitoring


CxC Full-Service Monitoring and Management

What we do for you, so you don’t have to

  • Activate, Suspend, Terminate Connectivity

Troubleshoot your connectivity with the operator

Usage alarms based on your requirements

  • Monitor Usage

Create rules to control the location of SIM

  • Geofencing

Create rules to control SIM with specific devices

  • Locking SIM

Create rules to have an action for specific situations

  • Action

24/7/365 support by people for people

  • Dedicated Support

For new products and plans in any market

  • Create quotes

Create rules to control the location of SIM

  • Invoice (By SIM)


  • Order SIM card, order devices, order IOT

• Ticket creation

• Verification of the event, and proceed with the solution. If required, the ticket is escalated to Level 2/3 Support

24x7x365 NOC Support – Monitoring, Ticket Remediation and Onsite support

Level 1 & 2 Support

Level 3 Support

Onsite Support

24x7 NOC receives the alarm:

24X7 NOC



• Receives ticket and analyzes the event

• Solves event

• If it is not possible to solve it remotely, then requests onsite support

Support Engineer:

Support Engineer

• Coordinates with Level 2 Support

Physically verifies the problem

Solves event in coordination with Level 2 / Level 3 Support

Onsite Support:

• Alarms for Logical or physical problems on the network

• We work with: Zabbix and Ansible

Monitoring tools





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