SD-WAN Cisco, adaptative performance integrated into one centralized environment

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Deploy your WAN over any type of connection; Direct or Shared Internet Access, Broadband, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), 5G/LTE, or Satellite. Your network will be more resilient and efficient for a user better experience

CxC SD-WAN Cisco

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Take advantage of multitenancy and multi-region fabric support with flexible on-premises or cloud-delivered deployments

Simplify your WAN

Build out any locations to any cloud services with high security and performance

Build your WAN

Convergia takes the complexity out of SD-WAN!

Traditional SD-WAN

CxC SD-WAN Cisco

Yearly Software Subscription

Traditional Capex based CPEs

Complex Project Process


Option: Bring your

own hardware

Option: Bring your

own license


Option: Bring your

own Connectivity


Fully automated deployment and changes

Pre-invested and globally operational

Global Infrastructure & Backbone

Managed Service

E2E service level commitments


Cisco certified pre-designed components

Access Designs

Connectivity as a Service

Global wireline and wireless connectivity to client sites


Consumption based

license model


Licenses as a Service

Global delivery financing

and support


Hardware as a Service

Convergia offers multiple operational and financial models


Accords d'abonnement

Cisco Enterprise Agreement


Managed Service

License Agreement


ISR 1000

ISR 4000

ASR 1000

CSR 1000V

Servers Infrastructure Software Configuration Service Development Testing

Provide comprehensive on-premises and cloud-based security, enabling enterprises to transition to a SASE architecture where and when it is needed, in a secure and agile manner

The new landscape of networking


Secure automated SD-WAN

Branch Security

Provide WAN access and help enterprises meet compliance demands on site while offering constant protection against cyber threats fromdistributed branches to multicloud SaaS environments

Application performance optimization

Design a global network for critical enterprise applications, always maintain the highest service-level agreements (SLAs) and optimal performance

Multicloud access

Connect branches and a remote workforce to multicloud applications seamlessly with unified visibility and management

Secure Direct Internet Access (DIA)

Optimize branch workloads while increasing security and improving application performance. The result is efficient and cost-effective secure access to the network

SD-WAN your way with Cisco

Optimize connectivity with CxC SD-WAN Cisco, Deliver fast, secure, and reliable end-user experiences. Monitor all possible paths to software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, and intelligently route cloud application traffic to the best-performing one

Any Deployment

Any Service





Application Quality of Experience

Voice and Collaboration

Cloud OnRamp

On-premises | Cloud | Multitenant

Automation | Network | Insights | Analytics

Open | Programmable | Scalable

Any Location

Any Transport


Fixed Wireless






Automate SD-WAN extension to the cloud from enterprise sites through internet, interconnect, or colocation environments

Multicloud automation

Unified security

Consolidate networking and security functions—and apply consistent policy on-premises and in the cloud—with a cloud-delivered secure access service edge (SASE) architecture

Consistent multicloud access

Deliver unified experiences across all clouds and on-premises locations by deploying apps and services on demand using a consistent UI

Optimal application experiences

Optimize user experiences for customers and employees by using granular insights into application performance

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How is CxC SD-WAN Cisco different

Service Assurance Architecture and Customer Benefits

Service Problem Management and Customer Benefits

Advanced Analytics


Cloud Managed

  • All logical changes pre-tested, and can be accessed through the management portal
  • All logical changes orchestrated in real time
  • All network level logical changes orchestrated globally
  • Monitor a global SD-WAN service performance and visualize any deficiency patterns via the Network Health Dashboard
  • Real time automated correlation of all events to services
  • Automated service impact analysis and incident ticket weighting
  • Near to real time customer communication

Service Change Management and Customer Benefits

Industries deploying CxC SD-WAN Cisco

CxC SD-WAN Cisco moves SD-WAN beyond technology into a new business transformation model, focusing on simplification, business agility, cloud-based economics and connectivity, consistency and faster deployment




Travel & Hospitality

Communication & Media


Life Sciences






CxC SD-WAN Cisco

Allows you to choose Meraki & Viptela


Branch Management for Lean IT

Flexible and Sophisticated

Secure Segmentation and Advanced Routing


Software-defined networking or SD-WAN, provides a revolutionary new model for networking that simplifies, modernizes, and enhances networks


CxC SD-WAN Cisco Delivers

SD-WAN-as-a-Service, with a complete end-to-end Cloud-based platform built with CIsco

Legacy network designs are facing unprecedented strain as companies worldwide shift to remote work and modern workloads like video conferencing and Office 365


Why should your business select Viptela?

Why should your business select Meraki?

  • Meraki offers a full stack capability from LAN to WAN with comprehensive options to meet most budgets
  • Security is based on Layer 7 application awareness allowing IT teams to create policies for effective local QoS (Quality of Service) to support mission-critical and unified communication applications
  • 4G and 5G are configurable as failover options. Management of both the LAN and WAN from one centralized Cloud based platform
  • Applications can be easily analyzed across both the LAN and WAN allowing support to understand where issues may exist, e.g. a host server
  • Meraki can act at the basis of your UTM (Unified Threat Management) for the network
  • Viptela orchestration meets the demands of more extensive hybrid networks where multiple underlay connectivity is provisioned on a global basis. With Viptela, deep packet inspection provides the option to define policies against traffic profiles, thereby meeting the demands of larger more complex networks and user needs
  • Granular packet inspection with analysis creating comprehensive reporting and network monitoring
  • Where organizations are using Cisco ISRs or vEdge, Viptela can be deployed without the need to replace the physical hardware
  • Viptela supports multiple network connections, allowing organizations to support failover scenarios depending on business requirements, including 45/5G connectivity. The flexibility is achieved, in part, due to traffic segmentation allowing multiple topologies, with connections originating from the LAN existing within their own VPN.

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