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  • Best-selling industrial cellular routers of all time for professional M2M and IoT applications
  • Delivers high performance for mission-critical cellular communication in rigorous environments
  • They are widely used for cellular backup, remote connection, advanced VPN, and tunneling services in IoT network solutions
  • WAN failover ensures automatic switch to alternative backup connection in case of any connectivity issues
  • Wi-Fi is functional in both: Access point and Station mode at the same time

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Wireless BWB + Router Bundle: 4G & 5G

Invoiced from your selected country in the preferred currency with local support in your own language

RUT240 | 1 SIM Slot

RUT950 | 2 SIMs Slots

Meet Teltonika Routers

Primary/Backup Connectivity

The CxC Router with CxC SIM Connectivity can be used as a primary data connection or as backup network solution to streamline business continuity

The Cloud managed CxC Router offers secure remote configuration, management, usage monitoring and alerts

Choose the CxC SIM cellular connection speed that best meets your business requirements, and we will install and test the SIM Card, ready for plug in connectivity

Cloud Managed Cellular Router

Installed CxC SIM Card

passthrough support H.323 and SIP-alg protocol NAT helpers



Primary and Secondary modes



Gateway support

Aluminium housing with DIN rail mounting option, plastic panels

Casing material

Mounting options

Bottom and sideways DIN rail mounting slots

Mobile module

4G (LTE) – Cat 4

Control Set up custom data limits for the SIM card

Mobile quota control

WAN port (can be configured to LAN) 10/100 Mbps


IEEE 802.11b/g/n, Access Point (AP), Station (STA)


LAN ports, 10/100 Mbps


Azure IoT Hub support

OpenWRT based distro


4 pin power socket 9 - 30 VDC

Advanced I/O integration


Multiple clients and server can be running simultaneously, 12 encryption methods




Digital I/O

Key Features



Remote Desktop

Reach and control all compatible Teltonika Networks devices even if they don’t have Public IP

Access any smart devices via HTTP/HTTPS or SSH & configure them using WebUI or CLI as if you are in front of them

Control laptops, desktop, industrial computers and other devices running Windows or Linux via RDP or VNC – remotely


Set-up secure VPN tunnels to unlimited number of endpoints with just a few clicks!

An excellent choice for remote PLC and machinery access


With RMS you can ensure availability and security of your devices with automated firmware updates over-the-air


With RMS you can ensure availability and security of your devices with automated firmware updates over-the-air

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Remote Management System (RMS): CONNECT

Teltonika Networks Remote Management System (RMS) is an all-in-one user-friendly IoT platform providing a smart way to stay on top of your whole connected solution completely remotely, securely, and reliably. It is a powerful solution for remote access and management allowing users to save time and operational costs while being flexible and easy to use. With RMS you can manage compatible Teltonika Networks routers and gateways, reach remote devices, utilize the power of remote desktop access and configure secure VPN tunnels with just a few clicks.To fit the requirements of different user profiles, we offer various functionalities of RMS available separately, so you may choose only what your business needs and save on costs

If your PLC, Industrial PC, CCTV camera, Point of Sale system or other intelligent device is reachable by one of RMScompatible routers or gateways, you can access it with RMS CONNECT without Public IP or additional VPN services!

Cloud Remote Monitoring and Management with Teltonika RMS





Remotely monitor and control Teltonika Networks products:personalize dashboard using custom table presets, update firmware, upload/restore configurations within a few clicks. Management of a single device or huge fleet becomes a simple task with reduced costs

Ensure top quality of service and user experience while monitoring your company routers with active WiFi/Hotspot and analyzing their performance by checking information about active users, data usage, and use time

Set up a custom report system that contains information onrelevant device parameters. Reports can be generated periodicallyor whenever needed. All generated reports are stored on RMS servers and can be downloaded at any point for future analysis






Analyze your devices with RMS collected data. Every router activatedin RMS periodically reports various telemetry and events information, which are logged and processed for future performance checks or maintenance planning

RMS location monitoring enables tracking and monitoring for asingle device or the whole fleet with ease. With information stored in RMS servers, it is possible to track movement history

For remote devices, finding which physical ports are in use can bea tedious and expensive task. Port scan enables seeing active Ethernet ports and devices connected to them. Moreover, youmay create RMS connect access links with a single click


HTTP/HTTPS protocol compatibility allows you to reach the Web User Interface of any smart device – remotely! This includes various Routers, Switches, Programmable Logic Controllers, Variable Speed Drives, HMIs and other industrial equipment

Remote Desktop

This functionality enables you to gain full control of any equipment running Windows, Linux or Android that supports RDP/VNC protocols. Fast performance and easy configuration makes this feature invaluable for any remote IT support activities


Secure File Transfer Protocol support provides file access, transfer & management capabilities over the air. RMS Connect SFTP support enables convenient content management in various applications, especially in Digital Signage use cases


This feature allows to create an encrypted link via SSH tunnels to a Command Line Interface of an end device. Possibility to make unlimited configuration via CLI opens up new paths in remote control and management of 3rd party devices, even without Public IP

Mobile Devices

This feature is extremely useful in providing remote IT support for applications that use Android, iPadOS & iOS devices, for example used in Point of Sale sytems. It allows to connect to compatible mobile device remotely and view its' screen contents to swiftly provide necessary troubleshooting guidance

All the ways to connect your Devices Remotely


It is a type of client-server protocol that can be used to open a command line on a remote computer, typically a server. It is one of the oldest protocols for remotely reaching legacy devices, like electricity grids and industrial machinery

CxC Full-Service Monitoring and Management

What we do for you, so you don’t have to

  • Activate, Suspend, Terminate Connectivity

Troubleshoot your connectivity with the operator

Usage alarms based on your requirements

  • Monitor Usage

Create rules to control the location of SIM

  • Geofencing

Create rules to control SIM with specific devices

  • Locking SIM

Create rules to have an action for specific situations

  • Action

24/7/365 support by people for people

  • Dedicated Support

For new products and plans in any market

  • Create quotes

Create rules to control the location of SIM

  • Invoice (By SIM)


  • Order SIM card, order devices, order IOT

Connectivity made SIMPLE

The Pan-American, Value Added Distributor of Wireless and Wireline Connectivity Solutions

Connectivity plans built for your requirements

Any Data | Any Speed | Any Location

  • Low Power, low data usage plans (NB-IoT, CATM1, LoRaWAN)
  • Custom data plans from 1MB to 100’s of GB per month (4G, 5G)
  • High Speed plans up to 100Mbps (4G, 5G)
  • Fixed Wireless Internet

Value Added Distributor of Connectivity plans from multiple global connectivity providers

  • Wireless Mobile Network Operators (MNO)
  • Wireless Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO)
  • Wireless Mobile Network Wholesalers
  • Wireless fixed point to point
  • Wireless fixed to internet
  • Wireline; Fiber, Cable, MPLS

Convergia offers “Shock-Free” Data plans!

You will receive Alerts as you approach your monthly data limit (at 50% usage and again at 80% and 100% usage)

We negotiate and escalate issues with the Connectivity providers, so you don’t have to

Access to multiple operators in your countries, with the best price, and the best coverage

Global Coverage

Flexible and Transparent Contracts

Agile Connectivity CxC SIM Cards

Full disclosure, with a financial team available to work out any solution to your project needs

No need to swap SIM cards to get access to new operators and networks

Secure and Private Network

Protect your connected products with our access point name (APN) or virtual private network (VPN)

24/7/365 Support

Support by people for people, talk to a person that speaks your language

Build us Into Your Products

Connectivity by Convergia API accelerates CxC SIM life cycle integration

Fast, highly reliable connections for business-critical applications

Cellular Network prioritization in the event of cellular congestion

Efficiently and effectively connect coverage qualified sites

Select from four maximum speed tiers with no overage charges


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