How it works?
What is CxC Flex - MCR?

Make networking easier

Support your multicloud

Multicloud is the architecture of choice for so many enterprises. With CxC Flex - MCR, you can privately peer between leading public Cloud, IaaS and SaaS providers. Having a virtual router located close to cloud onramps means lower latency and improved performance for your critical multicloud workloads

No hardware needed

There’s no need to install, manage, or maintain any hardware with CxC Flex - MCR. Having a virtualized network means you don’t need to rely on infrastructure on premises or in a data center – it’s all virtual. This equates to saved time, resources, effort, and costs when creating your connections

CxC Flex Megaport Cloud Router


Connect at Layer 3 in an instant. There’s no need to learn the ins and outs of network engineering. Simply log in to your CxC Flex - MCR account and start building your virtual network in a few clicks. Hassle-free and ready to go, CxC Flex -MCR takes the complexity out of networking

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CxC Flex Megaport Cloud Router (MCR) is a virtual routing service that gives your business private connectivity at Layer 3

From any of our Routing Zones, you can connect to the critical cloud and managed services you need – without hardware. CxC Flex Megaport Cloud Router allows you to route data to and between various providers and platforms without hair pinning your traffic back to a data center or your on-premises environment. It’s networking made easy!

Virtual routing for powerful cloud networking

Cloud to Cloud

Managed Layer 3 Connectivity

Back-Up and Redundancy


Hybrid Cloud Connectivity

User-defined routing

CxC Flex - Megaport Cloud Router (MCR)

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Multi Exit Discriminator (MED) to support Virtual Cross Connect (VXC)® prioritization that tells autonomous systems (AS) the preferred route to take for performance tuning

Google API optimization to make it faster and easier to add CxC Flex - Megaport Cloud Router connections to the Google Cloud Platform and thus remove the need to click between Google and Megaport screens to establish a service

Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) for BGP that allows for fast link failure detection supporting fast failover of routed traffic

Four speed tiers capable of 1Gbps, 2.5Gbps, 5Gbps, or 10Gbps routing throughput

We’re evolving virtual networking with the new CxC Flex Megaport Cloud Router features:

BGP shutdown toggle, so users can quickly turn BGP on or off

BGP peer and BGP prefix route filters for greater control over route advertisements


How it works?

The CxC Flex - MCR joins two or more independent Virtual Cross Connect (VXC) services into a single routing domain, providing connectivity between all of the VXCs attached to the CxC Flex - MCR

Without physical infrastructure, you can leverage cloud-to-cloud networking, private peering between leading public Cloud, IaaS, and SaaS providers, and direct connectivity to any provider on the Megaport Software Defined Network (SDN). There is no need to own and maintain equipment. CxC Flex - MCR removes the complexity of getting connected at Layer 3 and opens up new possibilities for virtualized networking


The CxC Flex - MCR speed options are consolidated into these four tiers:

Speed tiers

Private connectivity between service providers


You require private multicloud connectivity between two chosen Cloud Service Providers, for example, AWS (Service Provider 1) and Microsoft Azure (Service Provider 2), but do not own any physical infrastructure

CxC Flex - MCR enables private multicloud access with no physical infrastructure required


You can provision a CxC Flex - MCR to connect directly between multiple leading Cloud Service Providers on our Ecosystem. By leveraging our global Network, there is no need to bring multiple connections back to a data centre you manage

Private Hybrid Cloud Connectivity

The CxC Flex - MCR with a Megaport enables hybrid connectivity between a private data centre environment and cloud environment


You are connected to a Megaport via a physical cross connect in your closest location: Miami. You require private connectivity between your Megaport and AWS (Service Provider 1) and Microsoft Azure (Service Provider 2) environments


You can provision an CxC Flex - MCR in Ashburn to establish an inter-cloud gateway to make routing decisions remote from your physical Megaport. You can then pass traffic only destined for your Megaport back via your VXC to your data centre for private hybrid cloud use

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CXC Flex - MCR enables connectivity between global routing zones to expand and scale your business

Global expansion strategy


You are a VoIP provider operating from New Zealand. You want to scale your business globally. You require cost-effective, fast, and secure connectivity to expand your business to three new markets outside of this region


You can provision an CxC Flex - MCR for on-demand, private connectivity from your data centre into locations such as London, Ashburn, and Sydney. This rapidly extends your global reach into these new markets, without the need for physical infrastructure, and at a fraction of the cost


CxC Flex - MCR provides Network Address Translation (NAT) support to allow greater flexibility in designing a scalable and secure multi-vendor, multicloud, or hybrid cloud scenario to better fit evolving customer requirements

Megaport will issue customers up to a /29 of public IPs if a customer requests them for public peering (e.g. AWS Direct Connect and Azure ExpressRoute)

Up to 25 private VXCs maximum per CxC Flex MCR (determined based on server and physical Port capacity on the Megaport Network)

Maximum of one public peering CSP VXC

No need to run BGP or have an AS Number

No need for complicated route mapping or router configuration

Ability to establish BGP (border gateway protocol) sessions via

CxC Flex - MCR portal


Global Reach

Leverage Megaport's purpose -built global SDN
Connect between key locations across North America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe

Reduce Ownership Costs

Without the need for physical infrastructure, eliminate network ownership costs and reduce overheads associated with cloud connectivity. Access pay-as-you-need bandwidth

Private and Secure

Provision private and secure connections to global leading serivce providers. Scale bandwidth up and down to suit business demands

Easy Design and


Take the complexity out of designing and provisioning a private network between service providers

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