CxC Connectivity by Convergia
CxC Connectivity by Convergia

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MasterStream enables Convergia Pan-American Value-Added Distributor of Connectivity Solutions to automate on-demand connectivity quoting for channel partners

Miami, Florida – Thursday 23rd March, 2023 – Convergia, the Pan-American Value-Added Distributor of Connectivity solutions, joins forces with MasterStream to automate and accelerate quoting for an on-demand market, allowing channel partners access to Convergia’s end-to-end Pan-American connectivity solutions with seamless global coverage.

Convergia developed a channel partner program offering highly specialized connectivity products and solutions designed to meet the requirements defined by our Technology Solution Brokers/Distributors, Agents, and Channel Partners throughout North, Central and South America. MasterStream allows Convergia to dramatically decrease quote times, engage more agents, and connect with other quoting engines within the channel ecosystem. Greg Bass, Senior Commercial Director-North America states “With MasterStream, Convergia will be able to deliver real-time quotes at the speed of business. This innovation will make doing business with Convergia even easier.”

MasterStream’s quoting automation solution eliminates the time-consuming processes, complexity, and errors associated with the telecom supply chain between providers, Technology Solution Brokers, sub-agents, and customers. For Convergia, the ability to automate quoting to the partner ecosystem is essential for streamlining the business functions within the sales process. With MasterStream’s quoting engine, regardless of the product SKU or product code, complex products can be automated effortlessly. CEO of MasterStream, Steve Roberts says “With MasterStream’s industry leading SalesEdge solution, Convergia is now able to provide real time, automated quoting to the Channel community for their connectivity services. We look forward to this partnership with Convergia and appreciate the trust they have in MasterStream contributing to their success and growth in the Channel.”

About Convergia

Convergia is the Pan-American Value-Added Distributor for Connectivity Solutions, offering a global highspeed bespoke network backbone through Canada, the US, Mexico and LATAM with international lastmile copper, fiber, and cellular wireless connectivity to a growing list of voice, data and IoT connectivity
products and solutions. Offering more than 20 years of experience with telecom voice, data and IoT
solutions to an exemplary list of channel partners and customers. Convergia strives to provide high-quality
delivery, service and 24/7/365 support by people for people.

About MasterStream

MasterStream ERP is committed to becoming the leading provider of quote-to-cash software solutions for the telecom industry and to eliminate the time-consuming processes, complexity, and errors associated with the telecom supply chain between providers, agents, sub-agents, and customers. This commitment continues to be the driving force behind all new development of our MasterStream automation system and continues to sustain our position as the leading provider of automation solutions within the telecom industry. Visit to learn more


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