CxC Connectivity by Convergia
CxC Connectivity by Convergia

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Convergia unlocks new opportunities for innovation, efficiency, and growth with Tata Communications MOVE™

Think of a restaurant equipped with a Point of Sale (POS) system for seamless payment processing and order management. During peak hours, if the local network experiences a glitch or goes down, there’s a risk of payment failures or delays, impacting both the establishment and its customers. However, with advanced technology, such as automatic network switching capabilities, the POS system can seamlessly switch to an alternative network without any human intervention. This ensures uninterrupted service, allowing transactions to proceed smoothly without affecting the end customer’s experience. Whether it’s temperature sensors in smart homes, fleet management and telematics, health monitors in hospitals or industrial sensors in factories, timely and precise data is essential for informed decision making. In essence, reliable connectivity serves as the foundation of IoT solutions, impacting safety, efficiency, and innovation across various domains.

As a global leader in telecommunications and digital infrastructure services, Tata Communications recognizes the critical role that connectivity plays in enablingsuccessful IoT implementations. This story outlines how Tata Communications empowers Convergia to support IoT deployments across various industries, while also enabling successful operations for Mobile Virtual Network Operators(MVNOs)

Need of a robust network that fosters connectivity for an expanding IoT ecosystem and allows MVNOs to provide competitive offerings.

Convergia caters to a diverse clientele, focusing primarily on delivering customized connectivity solutions to MVNOs and IoT customers. These solutions are designed to meet the unique requirements of each segment, empowering them to foster innovation, efficiency, and growth within their respective markets. In the IoT sector, Convergia offers cellular connectivity for IoT devices, along with management tools that facilitate the deployment, monitoring, and management of IoT devices and data. Its IoT solutions span across various sectors including agriculture, healthcare, retail, transportation, and utilities, seamlessly connecting them all. Additionally, for MVNOs, Convergia provides wholesale access to mobile networks, enabling them to offer voice, data, and SMS services to their customers without the need for significant investments in network infrastructure.

Convergia required a dependable network provider to ensure uninterrupted connectivity for its IoT deployments and to facilitate MVNOs in delivering comprehensive mobile services to their clientele. The aim was to guarantee extensive coverage for Convergia’s solutions, enabling seamless operations across various locations and environments.
This necessitated a scalable solution to accommodate the expanding IoT connectivity requirements as its customer base grew, while also empowering MVNOs to offer competitive services amid evolving market demands.
Convergia sought a partner capable of delivering these solutions while navigating the intricate landscape of global regulations, recognizing the complexities involved in regulatory compliance across different countries.

“In today’s connected world, having a network that’s both reliable and versatile is non-negotiable. Tata Communications’ global reach and innovative prowess means we can offer reliable and cuttingedge connectivity. Whether it’s tapping into new markets or harnessing the power of 5G and connectivity in challenging environments, Tata Communications’ infrastructure serves as the backbone that lets us provide scalable and secure services, ensuring we stay ahead of the curve”. Alejandro Bitar, President & Co-founder, Convergia

Tata Communications MOVE™ empowers the connectivity infrastructure for Convergia’s MVNO and IoT customers, unleashing a world of endless possibilities.

Tata Communications’ extensive global reach and deep understanding of regulatory requirements in various countries make it an ideal choice for Convergia. Tata Communications MOVE™ encompasses data and SIM services as part of its comprehensive offering that provides the connectivity backbone necessary for Convergia’s MVNO and IoT solutions to function. The MOVE solution enables global connectivity for Convergia’s IoT customers, allowing businesses to connect devices reliably and securely from anywhere in the world. Tata Communications data services, on the other hand, enable Convergia to offer cost-effective data plans to its MVNO customers, enhancing their value proposition and competitiveness in the market.

Unveiling the Mechanisms: How Tata Communications MOVE™ Operates 

Consider the dynamic landscape shaped by the rise of applications connected on the move, such as fleet management, agriculture, or smart environments. In this context, uninterrupted connectivity is paramount for seamless operations. Picture a scenario where a single network provider’s coverage is limited or experiences downtime; this disruption could lead to inefficiencies or even failures in critical systems due to interrupted data transmission. However, by utilizing multi-provider connectivity on a single eSIM powered by MOVE, the risk of network loss is significantly reduced. This approach ensures that even if one provider’s network experiences issues, others can seamlessly take over, guaranteeing the continuous transmission of vital data. As a result, multiprovider connectivity ensures effective and reliable data transmission, safeguarding the uninterrupted functionality of IoT solutions in diverse environments. This flexibility is facilitated by Tata Communications’ worldwide partnership with 600+ Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), offering Convergia’s customers the flexibility to switch between network providers based on coverage.

“Imagine being able to update your devices anywhere in the world, without touching them. That’s the magic of OTA SIM profile upload feature of Tata Communications MOVE™. It’s a game-changer, especially for businesses with global footprints, as it slashes costs and time associated with physical SIM changes. Whether it’s adjusting to new regulations or optimising network connectivity, this feature ensures your devices are always online and up to date”. Alejandro Bitar, President & Co-founder, Convergia

The result? A triumphant trifecta of cost efficiencies, worldwide coverage, and access to state-of-the-art technologies!

Tata Communications MOVE™ provides Convergia with the connectivity solution and support needed to serve its MVNO and IoT customers effectively, enabling Convergia to deliver value-added services, drive innovation and grow its business in the competitive telecom market. Discover the array of benefits unlocked by Convergia through the adoption of Tata Communications’ MOVE™:

Global coverage: Tata Communications’ worldwide partnership with 600+ Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) means Convergia’s MVNO customers can provide reliable voice, data, and messaging services to their subscribers worldwide. For the IoT segment, it provides businesses with the flexibility to choose network providers based on coverage and cost.


Optimal connectivity: eSIM technology enables dynamic connectivity, allowing any device to seamlessly switch between multiple network operators based on signal strength, coverage, and cost. This ensures optimal connectivity for Convergia’s projects, while reducing dependency on a single network provider.


Cost savings: The capability to manage SIMs OTA enables Convergia to cut down costs, time, and simplify logistics, giving them the ability to respond to market changes swiftly.


Compliance with global regulations: Regardless of where it operates, Tata Communications helps Convergia stay compliant. This expertise is invaluable, especially in markets with stringent regulations like Brazil, ensuring Convergia’s services meet local


Scalability: Tata Communications’ data and SIM services are designed to scale with the needs of Convergia’s customers, supporting deployments ranging from small-scale MVNOs to large-scale enterprise IoT deployments.


Revenue opportunities: The flexibility offered by Tata Communications’ solution enables Convergia to generate additional revenue streams by introducing new services and extending geographical reach without large upfront investments.


Competitive advantage: With global coverage, cutting-edge technology, and competitive pricing, Convergia empowers its MVNO customers to offer services that can meet their customers’ evolving needs and stand out from its competition.

Tata Communications’ robust infrastructure and network reliability ensure high availability and performance, providing peace of mind to Convergia and its customers. Looking ahead, this partnership between Convergia and Tata Communications is poised for significant growth, as they venture into new territories and technologies. From Cloud SIM innovations to leveraging Tata Communications’ ecosystem of solution partners, this collaboration will redefine what’s possible with global connectivity across Pan America.

“Tata Communications MOVE™ platform is like a Swiss Army knife for global connectivity. Its comprehensive suite, from seamless international coverage to real-time insights, gives us the tools to offer flexible, efficient, and secure services. It’s the foundation upon which we build solutions that not just meet but anticipate our customers’ connectivity needs. Whether it’s connecting devices or launching virtual networks, Tata Communications has you covered!” Alejandro Bitar, President & Co-founder, Convergia

“As a global leader in telecommunications, Tata Communications is committed to driving innovation and empowering our partners to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Our partnership with Convergia stands as a testament to this commitment, combining our robust infrastructure with Convergia’s vision for accessible and innovative connectivity solutions. Together, we’re not just connecting businesses; we’re revolutionizing the way they operate, paving the way for unprecedented growth and success in the digital age”. Alejandro Bitar, President & Co-founder, Convergia

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